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EAP Consultants LLP supports the workplace health needs of organisations.  In addition, we are the first in Singapore to offer workplace health solutions that cater to the needs of educational institutions, from administrators to academic support staff to faculty members.

Our consulting partners include the founder of a leading HR management consultancy firm and two doctoral-level psychologists.

Dr Tan Seok Hui

PhD in Psychology (University of Reading, UK), BA (1st Class Honours) in Psychology and Linguistics (University of Reading, UK)

Dr Tan completed her doctoral training in Reading, UK. Subsequently, she undertook a postdoctoral research fellowship at the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development (CBCD), Birkbeck, University of London. From 2005 to 2012, Dr Tan was a fulltime academic with the Department of Psychology, National University of Singapore (NUS). She taught psychology undergraduates, supervised postgraduate research students, and conducted research on bilingual language acquisition. Additionally, she gave talks at local and international conferences and provided research consultancy on various aspects of childhood development.

Dr Tan continues to be involved with teaching at NUS. She is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychology, where she lectures in Early Language Development. In addition, she lectures and supervises postgraduate students in the MSc in Speech and Language Pathology program at the Division of Graduate Medical Studies, NUS. Dr Tan is a member of the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS). She also serves as an Advisor on the Research Committee for the Singapore Children's Society.

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